an/other oceania
Dulcie Stewart. an/other oceania (2010-2011). Series of 12 digital prints. Individual prints: 254mm x 254mm.


an/other oceania are a series of digital prints inspired by i see oceania, an online image gallery curated by Dulcie Stewart that documented Pacific motifs in an urban environment. Having moved to Brisbane, Australia in 2005, Dulcie had this longing for Oceania and kept seeing Pacific linkages, influences and images in the Australian landscape. She started documenting her finds with her camera and phone and began publishing them online in 2010.

The use of geometric designs and repetitive linear lines is prominent in traditional (like tatau, tapa, woven mats, adornments etc.) and contemporary Pacific art. In an/other oceania, Dulcie interprets these geometric and linear lines in buildings, public transport, bridges, iconic structures, pylon, man holes, drainage grates, even shadows.

She explores the relationship between visual culture and contemporary Pacific identities through symbols and iconography in her urban environment in Australia and New Zealand.